About Bebekon:

     In January 2008, Bebekon changed its business model and      became a private corporation.

The first period was dominated by a few long-term assignments.

     The company has primarily assisted small- and medium sized      businesses connecting sustainable industrial ideas with capital      and/or industrial collaborators.


Founder and Managing Director:

Bjørn Brekne



In addition...:


The company offers services within Drilling and Completion.


     Experiences gained while holding various positions for Oil and      Gas majors, drilling entrepreneurs-, service-, engineering-,      consultancy- and start-up companies.


     A total of 40+ years in the petroleum industry.

     However, curiosity has caused exploration of several other fields      of expertise, listed under References.








Winter 2021/2022
Two ongoing main projects:
Coilcom clarifies important design criteria communicating with end users.
Spintech acquires industrial LOIs and negotiates cooperation. The unique machine is “ready to build”.
Spring 2021
Innovation Norway supported a Coilcom Market Clarification Study with Bebekon as a leading partner.
Bebekon's partly owned Spintech AS has successfully completed its Feasibility Study and is seeking industrial partners.
Emerging projects: Machine learning and some investment assistances.
Summer 2020
Bebekon was approached by the Oil and Gas Innovation Magazine regarding implementation of new technologies. You can read the interview here.
2 Q 2020
Spintech’s Feasibility Study came out positive. The project’s R&D phase is initiated in cooperation with a world class research department.
The newly formed company CoilCom AS has engaged Bebekon to serve as their CEO. Priority no. 1, secure the IPR. The technology is feasible.
Autumn 2019
Bebekon has taken the position as CEO for Spintech AS, a start-up company. An ongoing Feasibility Study will serve as basis for the patented, composite tubular system.
1 Q 2019
Bebekon is currently facilitating several start-ups: Funding, M&A and development.
We perform administrative as well as project management tasks within drilling & well, composites and others.

The lecturing activity is recovering after the industrial downturn.
Autumn 2018
So far this year, Bebekon has advised several clients, start-ups and established companies, regarding acquisitions, investments, capitalization, market research, industrial partners and training.
July 2017
Bebekon is assisting venture capitalists defining and screening solid investment cases.
Do not hesitate to share your protected ideas with us.
October 2016
We have now concluded our previous engagements and are focusing on new long- and short-term assignments.
January 2016
Our cooperating company Foton4 Film AS is currently engaged with several interesting projects. www.Foton4.no
Winter 2015
Optipump AS, a company we have worked closely with, have built and are now testing a downscaled industrial pump. The pump is undergoing extended testing at AMV. www.Optipump.no

Contact information

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Mobile: +47 916 23 067
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